Big Desk

My Studio Setup

I've spent a ton of time honing my studio setup. I love the feeling of working in an environment that is simultaneously functional and inspiring.

I have two desks in my studio. One is for the primary items: keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio interface, pen and paper, etc. Things I need an arm's length away at all times.

The other is for auxiliary items. Right now it's the home of the Minimoog Model D.

Big Desk

Big desk for all the primary stuff

Small Desk

Small desk for the big synth :)

The Big Desk

The big desk is obviously where I spend most of my time. The desk itself is the Desk 51 from Blu Dot. I chose it because it's large, nice looking, high quality, and has a giant keyboard tray.

    Big Desk Items

  • Asus PA279Q: originally got it for video editing and graphic design – pretty solid, but will upgrade to something 4K eventually
  • Mac Pro: used to be top of the line, not anymore – but still a great machine
  • G-Drive Hard Drive: lol I don't even think they make this model any more, but still works!
  • Apogee Quartet: fantastic interface with excellent converters – you can get one used on Reverb for ~$750 now
  • Schiit Magni 2: headphone amp. Hm, looks like the Magni 3 is out now, maybe I'll try that soon. But the Magni 2 has been great!
  • Korg Minilogue: very popular analog polysynth, also a great MIDI controller
  • Apple Mouse and Keyboard: yep

Asus Monitor: great for Photoshop, terrible for gaming

Minilogue Desk

Korg Minilogue: my first analog synth!

Hard Drive

G-Drive for storage

Mac Pro

Mac Pro for email (JK)

Magni 2

Schiit Magni 2: great headphone amp

Keyboard Mouse

Keyboard and mouse: riveting


Apogee Quartet

The Chair

Your chair should be comfortable and keep you energized. I love the Herman Miller Embody. Yeah, it's pricy, but it's worth it if you're spending 40+ hours/week on it.

The best thing about the Embody is its ability to relieve pressure. If you get it in the proper position, it's almost as if your floating on top of it. Very helpful for long sessions staring at a screen.

HM Embody Close
HM Embody Vertical
HM Embody Full

Headphones & Speakers

I spend most of my time in this space making music. One of the best investments I ever made was in a great pair of studio monitor headphones. Speakers are great, but they're terrible for accurate monitoring if you don't have a properly treated room.

Headphones definitely have their downsides, but I find that my Sennheiser HD650s with a custom Sonarworks profile are good enough for almost everything I do.

That being said, I still love my Yamaha MSP7 monitors (scooped the floor models from Sam Ash in high school on the cheap). They're so transparent and open-sounding, it's almost like there's nothing there. Once I finally get some audio treatment in this room I'm sure I'll use them more.

(By the way, if you haven't heard your favorite music on high-quality headphones powered by a decent amp, you're missing out. Totally different experience compared listening on Apple earbuds or something like that.)


Sennheiser HD650 Headphones: fantastic sound, great for mixing

Yamaha Speaker

The Yamaha MSP7 in all its glory

Between my two desks I have a little set of drawers (from IKEA, you know the one) with the Universal Audio 6176 on top of it. Made the (rather large) investment in this preamp because everything that gets recorded into the computer goes through it first. Sounds great with any audio source. Got it second-hand so it wasn't quite as pricy as they are new.

UA 6176

Tube preamp, simple EQ, and compressor all in one – love this thing, such a lush sound

The Small Desk

I like having multiple surfaces in my space for different kinds of items. Currently the the smaller desk is the home of the Minimoog Model D as well as a few smaller items. Not much else to say about this. Moving on…

Minimoog Desk 1

Still can't believe I have one of these…

Volca Cube

Volca Beats, Rubik's Cube, polaroid, plant, for obvious reasons

Monologue Rug

Korg Monologue under the desk – fun little guy!

Mic Pop Filter

I also usually have this microphone set up, not even sure what it's called ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note: many of the items listed above represent significant investments. However, I've spent the last decade slowly acquiring them (I got the Yamaha MSP7s when I was 16!). They also enable my life's work.

That's it! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] Take care.

Now you know many things about my studio. Hope this was helpful!