Two boarding passes.

Boarding Pass Design

I've had some free time to practice graphic design this week and challenged myself to design a boarding pass I'd be stoked to use. The goal was to create a boarding pass that looks beautiful and inspirational, but still has a clear information hierarchy.

I made the gate number huge because I hate when it takes any effort to find. It's always the thing you want to know first, so it makes sense for it to be Large and in Chargeā„¢. After that, you probably want to know your flight number, boarding time, boarding group, and seat, and those elements are easy to locate below.

Also thought it would be cool if the passenger could choose their color scheme, so I made another option for my girlfriend, Olivia. Can't decide which palette I like more!

Lastly, I wanted to create some kind of affordance for the passenger to hold the boarding pass. That's why those circles are in the bottom right. Feels like a place you'd want to put your thumb.

Boarding pass designed by Devin Jameson with a purple, green, and blue color scheme.

Love this color combo. I want to be on a plane where everything is these colors.

Boarding pass designed by Devin Jameson with a blue, orange, and red color scheme.

D17 looks really cool in this typeface. :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a nice day.