An analysis of Airbnb's listing browsing interface.

Airbnb Product Critique

For a recent job interview, I was tasked with critiquing a popular and widely used product. I decided to focus on Airbnb.

Two boarding passes.

Boarding Pass Design

I’ve had some free time to practice graphic design this week and challenged myself to design a boarding pass I’d be stoked to use.

HTML and CSS on top and Tycho album cover on bottom.

HTML & CSS “Tycho – Awake” Album Cover

While messing around with CSS Grids and CSS Animation I decided to make the “Tycho – Awake” album cover and animate it in kind of a psychedelic way.

Three overlapping circles on a black background. One is white, one is green, one is blue.

Made a Weird Thing in CodePen

Made a weird little thing in CodePen to learn how to use CSS Grids, CSS Flexbox, CSS Animation. Doesn’t serve any purpose but looks neat!

Big Desk

My Studio Setup

Here’s how I’ve set up my studio space. You can learn many things about my desks and the items that are on and around them.

Schoolhouse Quilt

Fuji X100F First Images

After seeing some of the Fuji Acros Film Simulation image samples online recently, I decided to pick up a Fuji X100F.

How I Make Music

This blog post (in development) is about how I make music. It will cover lots of things including recording, writing, arranging, mixing, and mastering.

Soft Sand

Fuji Acros 100 Shots

Just got these Fuji Acros 100 shots developed and am in love with the texture and tone. Hope you enjoy!

Back to Film

I was obsessed with photography through most of college. I owned and sold several digital cameras: a Pentax K-5 II, a Fuji X100S, a Sony RX100 II, a Sony A7s, a Sony A6300, a Ricoh GR, a Fuji X-T1, and a Nikon D810.

CSS Example

How to Make a WordPress Website Like This One

This website was built using WordPress, Google, and an obsessive personality.