An analysis of Airbnb's listing browsing interface.

Airbnb Product Critique

For a recent job interview, I was tasked with critiquing a popular and widely used product. I decided to focus on Airbnb.

Here are the the topics I covered:

    Topics Covered

  • The product's goal
  • How well it achieves its goal
  • How design thinking comes through in the interaction/visual design
  • The thought process behind certain product decisions
  • What sets the product apart from others like it
  • Suggestions on how to improve it

I also compared Airbnb to a competitor called Turnkey.

Check out the full deck via this Dropbox link. It's about 30 slides.

Sharing some screenshots below!

An analysis of Airbnb's listing browsing interface.
An analysis of one of Airbnb's checkout pages.
An analysis of Turkey's home page.
A detailed look at Turnkey's listing browsing interface.
A comparison of Airbnb and Turnkey, looking specifically at text density.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.